I rate, therefore I am ...

So deciding how to rate a ride is not as simple as you think, which is why each route is rated on it's Fun Factor, Technical Challenge, Scenic/Cultural/Historical Value as well as an overall rating ... which can sometimes be greater or less than the sum of the parts.

Overall Rating

This is the headline rating, and for me it talks to whether the ride delivered on what I wanted or expected from the ride. Some tracks you do because of the challenge, some for fun and some because of where it is and what it's got to offer. The Overall Rating for me captures how well the track delivers on what I expected. This is how I'd interpret my ratings:


Rating Description  
* I came, I saw, I rode, but unless I'm in the area, with a bike, and the time and with no other options, that's probably that trail done for me.  
** I enjoyed this trail for what it is, but wouldn't make a special trip to ride it again. Usually a ride worth considering for the locals or because you're in the area.  
*** Don't discount a three star rating, that's gone beyond a pass mark which means it's got something to offer, and I'd ride it if I head back that way. Check out the sub-ratings to see what shone for me in this ride.  
**** Any trail that gets four stars or better is worth travelling for in my books.  
***** I haven't yet given this coveted rating to any rides, and if I do, then I'd suggest you jump on a plane and get your bike onto that trail as it must be special. Five star is as close to perfect as you can get in my books.  

Fun Factor

This sub rating gives an indication of how 'Fun' the ride was. It's a very subjective rating as 3 hours of slogging up a hill for 15 minutes of fast descent can be fun, as can easy riding along some beautiful flat riding.

The key to this rating is it speaks to the riding, irrespective of what was around or how technical the route is. It's the spirit of the ride.

Technical Challenge

Yes, I know each ride is already ranked from Very Easy to Expert, but just because I rate it one way doesn't mean others will, so this rating gives others the chance to rank rides based on their read of the trail.

This rating does however relate purely to the technical aspects of the ride and how challenging it is. I suggest use of the IMBA

Scenic/Cultural/Historical Rating

We don't always just ride somewhere because of the trails, often it's because the route takes us somewhere nice, and regardless of how fun or technical a ride is or isn't sometimes the being there and seeing a place is what's important. Yep, sometimes it is the destination

This criteria then is about how awesome (or not) the reason for being there was. Now some rides have a mix, some just have one thing so again this is a very subjective rating, but at least it let's you know what others think

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