Hobart Gravity Enduro #2 (Glenorchy MTB Park)

Hobart Gravity Enduro #2 (Glenorchy MTB Park)

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Winter Gravity Enduro Series (Source Hobart Dirt Devils)


Glenorchy MTB Park

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6 August, 2017
Event Organiser
Hobart Wheelers / Dirt Devils Cycling Club
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The second event in the Hobart Gravity Enduro series organised by he Hobart Wheelers / Dirt Devils Cycling Club is expected to be held on Saturday 8 August 2017. What is it?

Gravity Enduro racing is a great day out riding bikes. It's all the aspects of most peoples rides. Riding to some great trails with your mates or meeting new friends to ride with & cruising & chatting & eating sour snakes on the uphills. But this is still no slack pack easy going, hows the weather kinda ride because once your at the top it's all business! Bets have been won & lost, friendships made & broken as you then begin 1 of 3 timed downhill orientated stages. And then you do it again & again, giving you 3 timed downhill stages. These are added together to give you a total time which determines you overall placing. But remember, winning's winning & having fun is easier & more socially accepted.

Hot drinks & food will be provided in your entry fee.

Skill level - Intermediate. This series is designed to be open to a wide range of riders with a hope of this being the first Enduro race for many, Although we highly recommend riding all the proposed stages before race day.

Under 13's need parental consent to enter & will need to enter manually through Nik

What do I bring?

Riders need to be self sufficient with food, water, spares, etc when out riding.
We will have a event village refuel tent with snacks, hot drinks, water & banging tunes.
In terms of spares, we suggest 1-2 spare tubes, a chain link, spare derailleur hanger, pump, and anything else you are likely to break...
It's a WINTER series!! It's probably going to be cold, & probably going to rain in some way.
Cold is serious! Minimum gear needed with you on race day;
Waterproof jacket, warm clothes, gloves. Spare dry clothes & beanie for after.
If you look unprepared for the day you will be removed from the race.
Downhill race stages - Full faced helmet meeting AS2063 or equivalent standard or Helmets meeting AS2063 (only) with detachable mouthpieces will be permitted & kneepads

Under 17 - For all Gravity events, full-finger gloves must be worn. Knee and elbow pads made of a rigid material must be worn.
All equipment must be worn correctly and as intended by design.

May change in planning prosess
Rd 2 6th Aug
Rd 3 24th Sep
Rd 4 26th Nov

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/1421330787905727/


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