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Sunday, July 03, 2022
10:00 am

July Dig Day - Hobart Trackcare

This month we’ll see you on Tip Top track in McRobies Gully, to finish work we started in July last year. We’ll take out some of the nasty little steep pinches (yeh!), improve the ride line on a bunch of corners and add any touch-ups you think the track needs.

10:30 am

Cyclocross 2022 - Round 2

Rosny Golf Course

Cyclocross (CX) Racing involve multiple laps of a short, non technical, mixed terrain circuit. Racing will be the “mini – enduro” format with who ever completes the most laps in 45 minutes being declared the winner. Where CX differs from traditional Cross Country Racing is the addition of barriers, run ups and other sections of track where participants need to dismount and run with their bikes.

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