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Slow and dull.
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Slow technical track with no flow and little to enjoy if you like XC trails, but considering that it's made and maintained by volunteers you can't really complain. Lots of 180°+ turns on some of the steepest parts that leave you wondering? "why?" as you have to slow to almost a stop in places. Lots of people seem to be short cutting sections and straight lining, and as a result, making new paths, which is a pity seeing as the cradle club has obviously put in a lot of time and effort to make these tracks.
Recent storms haven't helped much as some trails are blocked with fallen trees and you need to look out for the broken trunks that are at the perfect height and angle to damage your spokes or derailer. That said I'm sure after the next trail maintenance day they'll be cleared.
All up I appreciate the effort taken to make these trails but won't be heading back as I prefer flowing single track, but that's just me. If you like a bit of stop-n-go, tight turns and a few man made features, then this could be the track for you!
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