radfordsThe Council will be undertaking work to Radfords Track, between The Springs and Pinnacle Road commencing Monday 20th January. The work is expected to be completed within three weeks, hence work will be completed by Friday 7th February.

The work being undertaken will include installing chicane structures comprised of large logs and rocks throughout the length of the track. These chicanes will be placed in specific locations with the express aim of reducing the speed with which mountain bike riders can achieve on the track. The desired outcome is that the risks associated with shared use track are managed and that mountain bike riders will ride on the track at a speed that is acceptable to all users of the track.

Radfords Track is a bi-directional shared use track, and is open for walkers, people walking dogs on lead and bike riders. Installing these chicane structures will ensure that all users will have the opportunity to safely enjoy the track and the environment that it is located within.

The entire track will not be closed during the entire three weeks. Sections of the track will remain open that aren’t being worked on. However, access to The Springs may be limited at times. The Council apologises for any inconvenience caused during this time.

The works are fully supported by the Wellington Park Management Trust.

For further details contact Richard Greenhill, Bushland Project Officer, Hobart City Council during work hours on (03) 6238 2981 or 0428 992 356.

 Map Image Source: http://www.wellingtonpark.org.au/assets/wellingtonpark_bikemapAeast.pdf