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Autorent Hertz Tasmania - Bike Rack Hire

Autorent Hertz Tasmania - Bike Rack Hire


One of the pains of travelling interstate or overseas with a bike is organising the car hire.  The number of times I've turned up at the airport to pick up a five door hatchback (which I've found is usually the most convenient way of transporting a bike with two or less people and two bikes), and found myself upgraded into a 'luxury car' which can't fit a bike ... grrr. Anyway, good news in Tassie is that Autorent Hertz Tasmania is now offering campervan with quality (thule) bike racks.

They also have a range of alternative vehicles like dual cab utes, cargo vans and 8 and 12 seat people movers along with luggage trailers which all can serve groups of riders.  

The thing that gets my support is that they want to help mountain bikers get from point A to B, so if you're looking for vehicle hire in Tassie ... check out AutoRent Hertz.

As always (if you're wondering) tassietrails.org has no commercial relationship with AutoRent Hertz Tasmania, and if you use them I encourage you to leave some feedback and let us know how they go.



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