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Cycling for Active Transport Local Infrastructure Development Fund


1 March, 2012

Some potentially good news on the horizon, with the announcement of funding being made available to local government and not-for-profit community based organisations for new projects and initiatives that:

  • Create or enhance local transport oriented cycling infrastructure.
  • Support people to use a combination of cycling and public transport to undertake transport journeys.
  • Enable cycling for transport via provision of end of trip facilities for cyclists.
  • Increase people's acceptance of cycling as a viable mode of transport for everyday journeys.
  • Make cycling for transport safer and more accessible for people of all ages.

Funding will be available on a co-contribution basis, with local government/community based organisations expected to contribute to the cost of projects on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Whilst the expectation is that applicant organisations will contribute financially to proposed projects, there may be circumstances in which in-kind contributions may be considered.

$84,500 has been allocated to the program for this round of funding.

Whilst it's only a small amount, it's better than nothing and here's to hoping some good projects come out of the mix ... 

Source and more information: http://www.dier.tas.gov.au/passenger_transport/cycling_for_active_transport_local_infrastructure_development_fund

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