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Newer models any better
Do you think the newer model hubs might be an improvement?

Thinking of getting the
Amsterdam GT Enviolo CT eBike

Can you tell me more about the gearing hub of the GT?
The Max Mid-drive motor by Bafang, paired with the Enviolo City Stepless shifting and integrated hub provide a heavy power boost and full control when riding. This combination makes the Amsterdam GT perfect even for long commutes in different environments, may that be flat or hilly, paved or gravel roads. The Enviolo hub allows shifting at a standstill and easy riding in a stop-and-go situation. The Enviolo system eliminates any issue associated with locked gearing systems, especially in combination with Mid Drive systems. With its 310% ratio, the Enviolo City hub is perfected for urban commuting, and longer weekend rides.
Owner's reply May 15, 2021

I couldn't say, but I just wouldn't risk buying a Lekker if I had another choice. One thing that I discovered the hard way is that the electric bike shop in my area won't service bikes they don't sell, and none of my other bike shops have experience with electric bikes, so if something goes wrong, you are stuck.

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