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Freely available MTB Magazines (State Library of Tasmania)

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Did you say free access to download (and keep) Mountain Biking Australia and Australian Mountain Biking (AMB) magazines?

Yep - this isn't one of those tricky false adverts that get you to click on the link only to find out there's a catch (OK, there is one small catch - you have to be Tasmanian and go get a library card), it's just something cool I stumbled across this week which I thought worth sharing.

The State Library of Tasmania now provides a free magazine service called RB Digital (probably has for a decade, but I only just found it) where you can download a whole lot of popular magazines to read on your tablet, phone or PC, and their collection includes AMB and Mountain Biking Australia as well as Bicycling Australia and Bicycling Buyers Guide.

I tried it and it worked fine.  You just jump onto your PC and set up a RB Digital at the State Library website, select the magazine you want to subscribe to (it even has an option where you can be notified by email when new magazines come out) and that's it - download the RB Digital App onto you ipad / tablet / phone and all the magazines you've subscribed to are there to download and read.

The other day I put up a post on how not to deliver online Government Services over on tassierambler.org, consider this my post on how to deliver government services ... finally I get something back for all those taxes I pay. 


example of iPad subscriptions

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