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  • Meehan Range Trail Announcements - July 2015

Meehan Range Trail Announcements - July 2015

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Jason Unwin, of the Meehan Range Trail Groomers (MRTG), has announced an exciting range of new trails to be built in the Meehan Range over the next ten weeks, here's what he had to say on facebook:

"We are very excited about the new trails about to be built in the Meehan Range .... Now that the trails have been approved and awarded to trail building companies we can bring you up to speed:

- Gielston bay descent ... Volunteer built (Matt Osborne is the MRTG Coordinator) under the guidance of Dave Mason from Mountain Trails.
- Caves Hill trail - Being constructed by Dirt Art (Donated by Simon French) - the Meehan Range Trail Groomers (MRTG) will be grooming after the trail is machine cut.
- Corkscrew trail completed to top of Ridge line - Awarded to Dirt Art ... MRTG will groom after Machine cut
- Top of the HWY trail at CMBP upgrades .... awarded to Mountain Trails
- Clarence Down Hill trail converted under the caretaker program to be an All mountain descent..... Dirt Art to complete...MRTG will groom where required.
- Beginners loop finalised at CMBP - Dirt Art to complete - MRTG to groom where required.

"Here is the big news - all of the above will be completed in the next 10 weeks - keep an eye out for volunteer sessions over the next few months and please Obey construction related signs.

"Big thanks to all the trail Building companies, Clarence City Council and all the volunteers including the motivated group of individuals working in the back ground to make these things a reality - we are very very lucky to have what we have let alone what it will become in the next few years...

"Cheers MRTGers Coordinators Jas, Clint and Matt. "

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