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More mountain biking information ...


Not so long ago (in a time before tassietrails.org) the only place you could go to for information on mountain biking trails in Tasmanai was pedalbite.com, route sites like bikely.com, or you could randomly trawl the internet to see what you can find.

But times they are a changing.  

Only a couple of months ago we saw the release of the Greater Hobart Trails site which is an excellent resource for those looking for trails in the Hobart area, apparently Strava is soon to release some new functionality which is going to make it easier to creates tracks for people to follow (I know little more than this than what was mentioned at the recent MTB Information night), and just this week Northern Tasmania Development, who are the driving force behind the North Eastern Mountain Biking Concept, have announced the upcoming release of a new mountain bike enthusiast/community site.

The image above is a snippet of the home page and, according to their latest newsletter, it will be a 'one stop shop' for all mountain bike enthusiasts looking for information about the new trails and businesses in the area. It will also provide information for visitors looking to ride in North Eastern Tasmania.

It contains social pages, trail descriptions, business pages, community pages etc. where individuals and groups can join. They believe that this site will add value to the project, and enable riders and the community to connect.

The announced launch date of the site is Thursday, 1 August.

Personally, after nearly three years of maintaining tassietrails.org, I'm now seeing that the day may soon come where I can maybe hang up my wheels and let others step into the fray (though I probably won't).

In the meantime, I'm happy to promote and support websites and businesses that promote mountain biking in Tasmania, and to this end I maintain an up to date resources page list other sources of information on mountain biking in the State.

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