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Mt Roland - Developing a Destination

Mt RolandA recent ABC online news article reported on a new cable car plan for Mt Roland. 

Behind this headline it appears that the Kentish council commissioned a report to look at the possibility of establishing "an adventure hub, including mountain biking, camping and hiking" around Mt Roland.  A quick read through the May 2011 Report, available from the Kentish Council website, shows that a mountain bike park is one of the three serious options recommended by the report.

In terms of looking for the ultimate win however, I liked this idea hidden away on page 91 in the appendices.  It is attributed to a Cradle Coast Mountain Biking Club member:   "Cable car: If this idea was progressed, bike hooks could be attached to the pods to tow bikes to the top, from where a downhill course could begin. This would be a world famous attraction". 
I agree.

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