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MTBNav-Metro on Eastern Shore, Hobart


FLyerHere's a chance to try something a bit different on your mountain bike and a great way to explore parts of Hobart that you many not have seen before ...

On Sunday 21st October 2012, Rogaining Tasmania will be running a MTB navigation event on Hobart's Eastern Shore.  You can choose to enter either a three or six hour event but you have to compete in teams of at least two people.

If you've not participated in a MTBNav event before, the way they work is you're given a large map of the area with 'controls' marked on it a couple of hours before the event start.   Each control is worth between 10 and 100 points (usually the value reflects their difficulty in being reached), and you have to devise your own route with the aim of collecting as many points as possible in the time available ...

Of all the MTBNavs, this one is the most suitable for youngsters riding with their parents and for less experienced riders as much of the riding is on hard surfaces on paths and roads. Being a suburban area, there are many opportunities to visit a cafe along the way, and if your team finds the riding (or walking) too tiring it is just a matter of staying in the flatter areas, or returning to the assembly area at any time.

You can read our exploits at last years MTBNav Rogine here or you can go to the event web site for more information and to enter.  Entries close midnignt Wednesday 17 October.

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