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North East Rail Trail

According to the Examiner Newspaper both major parties have committed to extending the $1.47million federal government grant for the North East Rail Trail.

The grant which was set aside for the recreational walking and cycle path is due to expire in March 2020 and the North East Recreation Trail Committee was concerned that the promised money would be lost if the work had not begun by then.

Dorset Rail Trail - Update

Progress on the
Dorset Rail Trail between Tulendeena and Legerwood has stopped because local landowners have raised concerns about the next proposed section of trail.  

Their concerns apparently include that the trail will be too close to a slaughterhouse, and that if built, the new section will result in the closure of the slaughterhouse and local butchery.

The 18km that have been completed has apparently been very successful and communities have reported a great deal of activity along the trail. This is obviously invaluable for these communities through attracting interstate visitors, stimulating the economy, encouraging healthy activity and promoting positive environmental practice.

However anyone who has ridden the trail would appreciate that it currently begins and ends in quite remote locations and that the proposed extension would be a real bonus.

So tassietrails.org isn't into political lobbying, but apparently the overwhelming number of letters sent to local Parliamentarians has been against the extension, so if you like the trail, want to voice your support for the project and even up the numbers a bit, you can find the list of current members for Bass here and what you write is up to you. 

Over here in Europe, where I'm currently cycle touring, I've followed many major tourist cycle routes that have weaved in and out of farms, sawmills, logging operations and quarries and so I know that it is possible for these activities to work side by side.

We just have to get past the fear of the unknown and new, and look for some real solutions that suit everybody. 

Source: based on a Tbug newsletter received 27 Sep 2013. 

The long running saga of converting the section of railway between Lilydale Falls and Scottsdale into a rail trail has taken another step forward with the approval of a development application provided to the Dorset Council for the section between Wyena on the Launceston/Dorset municipal boundary and Scottsdale at their meeting on 15 February 2021.

North East Rail Trail Map

The Tasmanian Government has now reviewed the two competing proposals for the North East Railway line and decided to give both parties part of the line to develop. The full media release from Treasurer Peter Guttwein is below.

North East Rail Trail, Tasmania

The North Eastern Advertiser is reporting that the North-East rail trail is another step closer with the tabling in Parliament of a draft Corridor Notice for the section stretching from Coldwater Creek to Tongonah.

Scottsdale Rail Trail

15 February 2012

The Scottsdale Rotary Club has received $89,000 towards the North East Rail Trail first stage between Tonganah and Legerwood, about 20km. Tonganah is 5km east of Scottsdale where the rail ends at the recently closed saw mills. Spokesman for the Rotary Club, Robin Thompson, says that "The grant from the Community Fund will get the Trail up and running, although we will need further funds to complete surfaces to the standard we are aiming to achieve. We are excited about the opportunities for bike riders and local businesses. This first section will be the driver to extend the Trail through to Herrick at the bottom of the Welborough Pass and our long term vision is for the Trail to run form Launceston through Scottsdale to Legerwood and on the Herrick – a bike way to the East Coast".

The rail trail will complement the work done by the Legerwood community in developing the park area at the old station including the commemorative carvings.

Source: TBug Newsletter, 15 February 2012

Scottsdale Rail Trail Ride

TBUG and Scottsdale Rotary are organising a ride of the 18km section of rail trail from Tonganah to Legerwood on Sunday 30 September. 

This looks to be a great chance to ride the trail and support the work that the Rotary Club of Scottsdale has been doing to develop the North East Rail Trail.

According to Malcolm Cowan of TBUG, the day will give riders the opportunity to provide comments to Rotary on the standard required for the final surface and the infrastructure needed to enhance the ride eg shelters, picnic points etc.

The surface varies from rough stones to smooth dirt. A good hybrid or mountain bike is required.

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