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Up to 3 tours running daily.
If you’ve never been to Tassie, trust me, its beautiful and the best of Tassie is Hobart and Mt Wellington. We love riding on The Mountain and we want to share it with you. Hobart has one of the best organic trail networks in the country but its split between several land owners and is only known to the locals that ride it. With 1300m of vertical and more trails than a multi story shopping center it should be the Number one destination for all mountain bikers, but its not and the spoilt locals aren’t blabbing. If you want Scenic and relaxed or fast and exciting or steep and scary, Hobart has everything. And its so accessible, while Hobart may be a Capital City, if you know which direction to go, within 5 minutes you can be out of the city and riding single track gold. Try that in Sydney or Melbourne and you’re still in the car park. All you need is someone to show you. That someone is Jono and the team from Hobart MTB Tours. Hobart MTB Tours is a mountain biking tours business that intends to show people from all around (including locals) the track wonderland that is Mt Wellington.


Hobart MTB Tours
Hobart MTB Tours


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