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Cycling for Active Transport Grants Announced
The Tasmanian Government Cycling for Active Transport - Local Infrastructure Development Fund Grants were announced on 26 June.  This fund was set up to provide grants to local government and community-based organisations to develop local cycling infrastructure, facilities and programs that encourage people to cycle for transport.
Whilst this means that the program wasn't specifically targeted at trail development, several of the grants are all for the betterment of the trail and track network that is slowly building in Tasmania.
Projects included: 
  • The Safe Routes to School Program in Kingborough by funding an off-road cycling connection between the Algona Rd underpass and Huntingfield;·       
  • Completion of the Barossa Creek off-road shared path in Glenorchy;
  • Improvements to on-road cycling lanes at four signalised intersections in Launceston;
  • Improvements to signage and line marking on the Intercity Cycleway in Hobart; and
  • Widening and other improvements to Bluff Track on Flinders Island to enable people to use it for cycling.

I particularly like the sound of that last one. 

Cycling for Active Transport Local Infrastructure Development Fund

1 March, 2012

Some potentially good news on the horizon, with the announcement of funding being made available to local government and not-for-profit community based organisations for new projects and initiatives that:

  • Create or enhance local transport oriented cycling infrastructure.
  • Support people to use a combination of cycling and public transport to undertake transport journeys.
  • Enable cycling for transport via provision of end of trip facilities for cyclists.
  • Increase people's acceptance of cycling as a viable mode of transport for everyday journeys.
  • Make cycling for transport safer and more accessible for people of all ages.

Funding will be available on a co-contribution basis, with local government/community based organisations expected to contribute to the cost of projects on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Whilst the expectation is that applicant organisations will contribute financially to proposed projects, there may be circumstances in which in-kind contributions may be considered.

$84,500 has been allocated to the program for this round of funding.

Whilst it's only a small amount, it's better than nothing and here's to hoping some good projects come out of the mix ... 

Source and more information:

Exploring trails around Tarraleah

To be honest, doing the monthly event updates can be a bit of a chore ... just going through site after site and checking for any updates or additions to events ... but then you find that exciting little titbit of information that makes it all worth it ... like a new event ...

Dial Range Proposed Trails
"We have the most incredible volunteers, diversity of terrain, rivers, and views. The Penguin Bike Park is a success beyond expectations, but now we have the unique opportunity to develop and improve close to 30km of trails in the Dial Range. Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania has approved the project and detailed trail marking is under way.
"We need close to $400K to bring this to reality (normally this will be $2.4 Million project)
"If you know of any grant, government or private support project (or have any spare cash). Send us the information. Thanks for your time, Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club".
Source: Cradle Coast Mountain Bike Club Facebook Page Post, 23 November 2015
Dirt Devils Adventure MTB Rides

How cool is this, the Dirt Devils MTB Club is organising a series of social adventure rides for people who want to get out and spend an enjoyable day seeing new places on bikes with old and new friends.

According to the blurb, most of the riding will be on gravel or rough fire/4wd trails, and will be between 3 and 6 hours in duration.  Some MTB experience and a certain level of fitness may be required. The rides are free, but you will need an MTBA licence (social day licences available for $5 at registration).

Adamsfield3 1309594317
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Adamsfield23 1309594317

The first ride is scheduled for Sunday 29th April. The route will be the Saw Back Range track out to Adamsfield and back alongside Lake Gordon (which is described here) in the south west past Mount Field. This ride will be around 5 to 6 hours with lunch (BYO) at Adamsfield. Meet at the junction at 9 am. 

If you want to know more then please check their website.

There's a second ride planned for the 27 May 2012 out from New Norfolk up to Sleeping Beauty and Jeffrey's Track, and a third 'destination unknown' ride pencilled in for June 24.  Check out their site for future updates.

Dorset Rail Trail - Update

Progress on the
Dorset Rail Trail between Tulendeena and Legerwood has stopped because local landowners have raised concerns about the next proposed section of trail.  

Their concerns apparently include that the trail will be too close to a slaughterhouse, and that if built, the new section will result in the closure of the slaughterhouse and local butchery.

The 18km that have been completed has apparently been very successful and communities have reported a great deal of activity along the trail. This is obviously invaluable for these communities through attracting interstate visitors, stimulating the economy, encouraging healthy activity and promoting positive environmental practice.

However anyone who has ridden the trail would appreciate that it currently begins and ends in quite remote locations and that the proposed extension would be a real bonus.

So isn't into political lobbying, but apparently the overwhelming number of letters sent to local Parliamentarians has been against the extension, so if you like the trail, want to voice your support for the project and even up the numbers a bit, you can find the list of current members for Bass here and what you write is up to you. 

Over here in Europe, where I'm currently cycle touring, I've followed many major tourist cycle routes that have weaved in and out of farms, sawmills, logging operations and quarries and so I know that it is possible for these activities to work side by side.

We just have to get past the fear of the unknown and new, and look for some real solutions that suit everybody. 

Source: based on a Tbug newsletter received 27 Sep 2013. 
Draft Clarence Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2017

Clarence City Council, through the Clarence bicycle Steering Committee, has completed a review of the Clarence Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan and is now seeking input from members of the public on the draft plan.

Mountain biking is not explicitly considered in the plan, as it is dealt with in the Clarence Tracks and Trails Strategy, however the document is a worth while read if you are a local in the area as you probably still ride these routes and paths to work, to the shop or to the trails.

More details are available on the Clarence City Council's website.  Comment period closes Friday 5th July at 5pm.

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