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June 2014 Events Update
So just this week I see cheap airfares are available to New Zealand in August and I think "Hmmm ... mountain biking the heaphy track" ...

But then I think "I really want to do the Ben Lomond Descent this year and of course there's the Winter Challenge which is going to be on a different course this year and I can't miss that ..." so I go to the websites to check event dates ... and discover that there will be no Winter Challenge this year.

I was so devastated that I forgot to book my trip to New Zealand.  

How will the Tasmanian multi sport calendar survive a year (it's back in 2015) without the Winter Challenge?  

Fortunately, as I did this months events update, I was reminded that we've still got the Ben Lomond Descent (Aug 3 - get training), what looks like a revamped Freycinet Challenge on October 11-12, the Launceston Cataract Gorge Challenge on November 2, and although the date isn't released yet, the Tullah Challenge should be on November 8.  I know, it's still not the Winter Challenge but it is a chance to try some new races.

On the mountain biking scene, no new event dates to announce, but as mentioned last month both the Dirt Devils Adventure Rides and Launceston Mountain Bike Club's Autumn/Winter Social Rides Calendar are off and running.  Offerings this month are the Tahune Airwalk (a brilliant route which I'd highly recommend) and Dazzler's Range in the north (which I've not ridden).

Looking a bit further out, don't forget that entries to the Hellfire Cup are open and the event itself (which I'll sadly miss this year) will be here before we know it. 

If you like to ride alone, Winter is (in my opinion) the perfect time to get on over to Maria Island and explore the brilliant trails over there.  East Coast Cruises have announced that their free ferry trips are running again over winter, and with a winter discount rate of 25% applying to accommodation and camping on the island from 5/7/14 to 26/9/14 inclusive, winter is the time for a cheap weekend over on Maria.  A write up of my trip their last winter is viewable here.

inally, I can't finish this month's update without mention of how exciting things are looking trail wise for this coming summer with nearly 20kms of new trail nearing completion up at Hollybank.  Although not on the same scale, down south new (and legal) local tracks are appearing at Pilchers Hill and there's ongoing work on new trails over in the Meehan Ranges and in South Hobart.  The Hobart Trail Groomers and Hobart Trail Alliance are great facebook pages to keep up to date with trail happenings in the south (or if you're already following tassie trails on facebook I'll cross post anything I see of interest there).

As always, you can check out the full events calendar on Tassie Trails here.  This calendar brings together all mountain biking events in Tasmania into a single calendar as well as listing major road riding, running and multisport events from 38 different websites around the state.

Which just leaves me with one final thought ... why, when there's so much good riding coming up here, is a bit of me still thinking about heading off to ride the Heaphy Track in New Zealand ...
June 2015 Events Update
Is it just me, or has it been awhile?
OK, it's been awhile (although I have been keeping the Events Calendar up to date, and have been working on a new Major Events page).
Anyway, let's put that behind us, and look forward ... now you'd think as we head into winter that things would be quieting down, but it seems to me that quite the opposite is true with lots of new event dates being set.  We've got the Corporate Multisport Challenge in Hobart and the Kellevie 4 Hour Enduro coming up this month (both on the 14th) and there's a 200km (and 150km) Dark Bikefo audax ride on offer on 20 June to celebrate the solstice.
Kate Reed - October Track Update

There is good news for all users of Kate Reed NRA, the closed tracks have now been opened, including the uncapped extension of the Berm track and the Rock Drop track.

LMBC ask that all riders remember that the tracks will need a few days to dry out after periods of rain and the extension of the Berm track will need to be closed for a week or so prior to being capped. 

Source: Launceston Mountain Bike Club Newsletter

Kate Reed Reserve and Kaoota Tramway Updates

Although only recently added to the site, the track work in the Kate Reed Reserve is completely rewriting the network of paths available to cyclists and it's all for the good. 

The updated track notes now describe an 11km circuit which takes in most of the dedicated MTB trails in the park as well as showing the location of other paths in the park and surrounds.

This is also the first entry to have an elevation profile, thanks to

There's also been a small update to the Kingston - Kaoota Tramway circuit to take advantage of the new cycleway and underpass near the Antartic Centre which provide an easier and enjoyable entrance into the Peter Murrell Reserve with the advantage of bypassing the stretch along the highway in the previous route.

Proposed Kentish Trail Network Map
Progress continues on the Latrobe-Kentish Mountain Bike Trail Network with the release of TRC Tourism's draft Kentish Mountain Bike Trails Masterplan report.  I'm still trawling through the report myself, but it is attached below for those who want to have a look.
Kentish-Latrobe mountain bike park update - 30 September 2014
The Kentish and Latrobe councils are jointly exploring the development of a world-class mountain bike facility, stretching from Sheffield to Devonport.  The facility is proposed to be built to achieve a Silver Rating under the IMBA Ride Centre evaluation criteria. Only one Australia venue presently has this rating.

Kingborough Mountain Bike Park - Opening Day
The Kingborough MTB Park is officially opening on Saturday 22 December. The day will kick off with speeches and ribbon cutting at 10am, followed by:
  • 10.30am – Cross Country Time Trial (individual 2km lap)
  • 11.30am- Junior XC race (under 12, 2km race)
  • 12.30 pm - Free BBQ- Thanks to Dirt Devils Mountain Bike
  • 1.30pm – Cross Country Eliminator (Tasmania's first ever!)

Registration will be on the day. $10 entry both senior events, Junior event is free. All money goes to the Dirt Devils. Normal MTB licensing will be in place- annual license or day license required.

Please come along and show the council and state government that the local MTB industry supports these new mountain bike developments (because, ultimately we want more trails!)

Source: Dirt Art &  Dirt Devils for more information. 

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