Old Farm Track update - April 2015

The Wellington Park Management Trust have approved the conversion of Old Farm Track to a single use (bike only) and single direction (downhill only) track. This is an exciting project for the City, which will contribute to the development of a cohesive mountain bike track network within Wellington Park.

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Pipeline Track closure extended to 2 April 2015

The section of Pipeline Track temporarily closed to undertake work to the Twin Bridges will now be closed until 5pm Thursday 2 April 2015.
The change from the original time is required due to the time required to undertake variations in scope and lost time due to inclement weather.
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Land Manager Update March 2015 - Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Plan

Land Manager Update March 2015 - Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Plan
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Tasmanian Trail Assoication - February 2015 Newsletter

The Tasmanian Trail Associations latest newsletter has just been released, and I think it's great to see that their membership is now up to 124, with most of those being cyclists (which is interesting as the main volunteers and managers of the trail seem to be horse riders).
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Hobart Trackcare group proposed ...

Last year, the City of Hobart Bushcare program trialled a Trackcare activity at Tip Top and it was a huge success.  The new Bushcare Coordinator at the Hobart City Council is now looking to extend this program by setting up a "Trackcare" group.  Full details are below.

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Lake King William - low water level options

The highlighted (black line) on the attached map is a slight variation of the Butlers Gorge - Lake King William Ride that I got sent this week which allows you to avoid the climb up the hill back under the powerline just south of Derwent Bridge.  

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Blue Derby Newsletter - Vol 1 Issue 3

The Blue Derby Trails are open (and awesome).  If you didn't get up there, then my advice is to change that as soon as you can.  In the meantime attached is Vol 1, issue 3 of the Blue Derby Newsletter which basically celebrates the opening of this first section of trails ...

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Rokeby to Lauderdale Trail Survey

The Clarence Tracks and Trails Action Plan identifies future trails to complete gaps and to create an integrated network of tracks through bushland and coastal areas. One of the projects identified is a track between Rokeby and Lauderdale.

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Pipeline Track Temporary Closure

A section of the Pipeline Track in Neika will be closed from 8am Monday 2 March to 5pm Saturday 28 March 2015 whilst construction works are undertaken to upgrade the Twin Bridges (see attached map).

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Ben Lomond Feasibility Study

A new feasibility study looking at the economic opportunities of the Ben Lomond Ski village area looks like it got the go ahead at a recent Northern Midlands Council meeting (See 19 January 2015 council minutes, P197 onwards).

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Freely available MTB Magazines (State Library of Tasmania)

Did you say free access to download (and keep) Mountain Biking Australia and Australian Mountain Biking (AMB) magazines?

Yep - this isn't one of those tricky false adverts that get you to click on the link only to find out there's a catch (OK, there is one small catch - you have to be Tasmanian and go get a library card), it's just something cool I stumbled across this week which I thought worth sharing.

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Forestry Activity around Juggernaut Track, Hollybank

Juggernaut riders at Hollybank are advised that a forest harvesting operation has resumed nearby.

The harvest plan for the coupe was staggered to allow for construction of the trail through a corridor, before being temporarily halted last year.

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Tasmanian Trail Online Map Updates

The Tasmanian Trail Association have just finished updating the maps on their website to include more information on services to be found in towns along the Trail including a better description of all the campsites and some advice on attractions on or adjacent to the Trail.

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January 2015 Event Updates

Maybe everyone is out riding their bikes (or building trails), but December was a fairly quiet month for event updates with only one new event added (and that was for the Tas Mud Run in April) to the Tassie Trails Events Calendar.

That's not to say there's nothing coming up.  For those wanting to race the Cranky Penguin on 1 February, you've only got until 8am on January 5 to get that entry in, which means do it now (or it may already be too late).

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Ride Blue Derby

Our friend at ridetassie.com sent us this link to the new (and I think official) Ride Blue Derby website which is worth checking out while you're waiting for the trails to open on February 7.  It looks like it will be a great resource for those looking to go and ride the area, and let's just hope that the site is maintained and kept up to date.

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West coast mountain bike project - public submissions

The Chair of the West Coast Economic Working Group, Adam Brooks, has released more detail on proposed upgrades to mountain bike tracks in the region.

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December 2014 Event updates

To be honest, doing the monthly event updates can be a bit of a chore ... just going through site after site and checking for any updates or additions to events ... but then you find that exciting little titbit of information that makes it all worth it ... like a new event ...

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Tasmanian Trail - New Guidebook

The Tasmanian Trail Association has released Edition 4 of the essential Tasmanian Trail Guide, just in time for those thinking of riding some or all of the trail this summer.
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Glenorchy MTB and North South Track Maintenance (December)

Glenorchy City Council have contracted track maintenance to be undertaken over the next month in the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park and sections of the North South Track, starting December 1st 2014. All affected trails will remain open to the public and caution signage, relevant bunting and detours will be used as necessary to ensure public safety during the maintenance activities.

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‘Blue Derby’ MTB Trails Newsletter - Issue 2 Now Available

Issue 2 of the "Blue Derby" MTB Trails newsletter is now available.  News includes that the official launch date has been pushed back to February 7 (but the Blue Dragon event has been cancelled), The "Corner Store" and a new B&B are already setting up in Derby and there's more pics and updates on the trails ...

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