Penguin Mountain Bike Precinct Working Group - Call for Expressions of Interest

The Central Coast Council is seeking interested people from the community for the role of Community Representative on the Penguin Mountain Bike Precinct Working Group. The Working Group will provide input for long term planning, promoting Penguin as a mountain bike destination, infrastructure and trail development and associated risk management, ad...

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New West Coast Network coming in December 2022

The 'Silver City' trail network outside of Zeehan is about to get much bigger with the addition of nearly 30 more kilometres of trail being officially opened in Zeehan on December 10 2022. The new trails include 'Despatch' a green climbing trail to get riders to the top of Oonah Hill, or the start of the more advanced 'Western Odysse...

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Bikelinc website to help find stolen bikes now in Tasmania

Tell you a story.   I've recently returned from a cycle trip down the North Island of New Zealand, and like you do when touring, I came across another cyclist (Freddie) one day on the tour, and we ended up cycling together for 3 or 4 days, before our paths again diverged and he headed off ahead of me while I decided to linger awhile. Fast...

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More support for Mountain Biking Tourism Projects

Maydena Mountain Bike Park and the Tin Valley Brewery and Distillery are among the winners in the latest round of Tourism Innovation Grants provided by the State Government. Maydena will be receiving $249,950 for a 'Beyond the Bikes' initative which will allow Maydena Bike Park's facilities to be diversified to cater to for a mo...

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Margate to Huntingfield Shared Pathway Consultation Process - November 2022

The Tasmanian Government, along with Kingborough Council, is funding a feasibility study to help identify a preferred route for a proposed shared pathway to connect the suburbs of Margate and Huntingfield.   The proposed path would improve access and connection with existing off-road paths and encourage active transport in the area, by providi...

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Derby Trail Head Redevelopment

The Dorset council has released plans for the $820,000 redevelopment of the main blue derby trailhead in Derby. The site will include an 86-space public car park, new toilet and shower block, a bicycle wash station, bus drop-off zone, landscaped camping area, and picnic tables and shade-sails.  The current pump track will remain. The vast...

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The City of Hobart 22-23 track / trail program

The City of Hobart's August 2022 'Making Tracks' newsletter highlights the track / trail works that the Hobart City Council has planned for 2022-23.   They are working toward delivering two major new connections from the edge of Hobart, reaching deep into the foothills network of kunyani / Mt Wellington (subject to planning...

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Mt Owen Cable Car Proposal

There is a new proposal to build a cable car to the top of Mt Owen, near Queenstown. Seems like it is still in the "good idea" stage at this point of time, with the proponent a Mr Brett Schulze, still needing to gain access to the land (which is under a mining lease), funding etc. but hey - anyone who has been in this area on a good day knows how b...

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Tasman Bridge Pathways Consultation Open

The Tasmanian and Australian Governments have committed $130 million to upgrading the Tasman Bridge to make it more usable for cyclists, pedestrians and I guess those who own those scooter things.  The upgrade will feature a 3.5 m pathway on both sides of the bridge for enhanced cyclist and pedestrian access. Improvements will also include oth...

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Kingborough Council Trail Upgrades ...

The 2022/23 Kingborough Council budget includes some key upgrades for the Whitewater Creek and McKenzie road tracks as part of a $2 million package to be spent on track, reserves and playgrounds upgrades across Kingborough, to improve access and mobility for community members. This follows public consultation whic...

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Cyclist killed in Kingston

A cyclist in his 50's was killed on his early morning ride at Kingston on the morning of February 21, 2022.

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Blue Derby Concept Plan - Forestry and Mountain Biking

Sustainable Timbers Tasmania released their "Derby Concept Plan" for community consultation in January 2022. 

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North East Rail Trail passes another hurdle

Another hurdle to the development of the Lilydale to Scottsdale rail trail seems to have been overcome with the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (RMPAT) dismissing concerns raised by proponents.

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West Coast (Mt Owen) Trails to open July 23 2021

The first four trails: North Owen Descent, The Long Spur, Chamouni Traverse and Summit Loop on Mt Owen will open to the public on Friday July 23.

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Lake Pedder Kayaking Trip (5-6 April 2021)

Kayak-on-Beach Camping site on Lake Pedder

I've wanted to explore Lake Pedder by kayak for a long, long time now, even before I saw some of the magnificent photos taken by Geoff Murray of camping by the lake shore. But I've also heard whispered stories of challenging and changable conditions, strong winds and steep waves, which combined with having a limited knowledge of where I might be ab...

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Lake Pedder Paddle (5-6 April 2021)

I've wanted to explore Lake Pedder by kayak for a long, long time now, even before I saw some of the magnificent photos taken by Geoff Murray of camping by the lake shore.

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New Kingborough Bicycle Users Group

A new Bicycle Users Group is forming in the Kingborough municipality to advocate for better cycling conditions, to establish a community of riders and to promote bike riding for both transport and recreation.

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Mountain Biking Business Forum - West Coast

The West Coast Council is hosting a business forum on Thursday 24 June, 2021 to help inform local businesses about the opportunities coming up from the construction of new mountain bike trails in the region.

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Wild Mersey Bridge (number 4) underway ...

A new 100 metre suspension bridge will soon span the Mersey River connecting Latrobe's Warrawee forest reserve with Railton and ultimately Sheffield.

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Lekker E-Amsterdam Review - One Year On.

My first crisis of faith came a few months into owning my Lekker E-Amsterdam.

My brand new Lekker E-Amsterdam Bike (above) and my Lekker as customsied one year on (below)

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