New West Coast Network coming in December 2022

The 'Silver City' trail network outside of Zeehan is about to get much bigger with the addition of nearly 30 more kilometres of trail being officially opened in Zeehan on December 10 2022. The new trails include 'Despatch' a green climbing trail to get riders to the top of Oonah Hill, or the start of the more advanced 'Western Odysse...

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Mt Owen Cable Car Proposal

There is a new proposal to build a cable car to the top of Mt Owen, near Queenstown. Seems like it is still in the "good idea" stage at this point of time, with the proponent a Mr Brett Schulze, still needing to gain access to the land (which is under a mining lease), funding etc. but hey - anyone who has been in this area on a good day knows how b...

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More mountain bike trails coming soon to Zeehan ...

New 'adventure focused' mountain bike trails are being developed in the Heemskirk Range near Zeehan. The Zeehan trails are being built by Next Level Mountain Bike, the company behind the original Oonah Hill track and trails in the Dial Range at Penguin.As reported in the Advocate Newspaper (published 11 May 2022), Next Level owner Ma...

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Lake King William Circumnavigation

Crossing Clark Dam Early morning crossing Clark Dam

A circumnavigation of Lake King William has been on the to-do list for a very long time, and I have tried (unsuccesfully) to do it in the past,  but today I finally made that all important decision to actually set my alarm and set out to see if it was possible to circumnavigate Lake King William by bike and packraft ...  I left ...

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