Snug to Margate Cycling Track Opens

The Snug to Margate cycleway was officially opened on 12 December 2018.

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North East Railway Line

The Tasmanian Government has now reviewed the two competing proposals for the North East Railway line and decided to give both parties part of the line to develop. The full media release from Treasurer Peter Guttwein is below.

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Wild Mersey Warrawee Trails opening

The Warrawee section of the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails were officially opened on 13 December 2018, just in time for the busy summer period.

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Tasmanian Government 2018-19 Mountain Biking and Cycling Priorities

The Tasmanian Government have released their next 365 priority deliverables and, although thin on the ground, mountain biking and cycling do get mentions with the commencement of stage 2 of the Dial Range project, an extension of the Strahan Cycleway to Ocean Beach and better funding for Ride2School and cycle safety initiatives included.

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Wellington Park Track Users Code

The Wellington Park Management Trust has finalised the Wellington Park Track Users Code.

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Wild Mersey Project gets another boost

The Wild Mersey Mountain Bike project will receive $800,000 from the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Jobs and Investment Packages program.

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Snug to Margate Cycleway Funding

News continues to trickle out on the Cycle Tourism Fund grants, with the Kingborough Chronicle reporting that Kingborough Council received $174,849 from the Tasmanian Government's $6m Cycle Tourism Fund to complete the Snug to Margate Cycleway.
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Tasmanian Cycle Tourism Fund Grants

Ten new projects have been approved for funding under the Tasmaniian Cycle Tourism Strategy's $6m cycle tourism fund.

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Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area (Redgate Section) Draft Management Statement

Public comment is being sought on the Draft Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area (Redgate Section) Management Statement 2017 by 8 January 2018.

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Tasmanian Mountain Biking Visitor Numbers - September 2017

The proportion of visitors to Tasmania undertaking some form of mountain biking activity has remained fairly flat at 21,115 visitors, or 1.6% of total visitors,  for the October 2016 to September 2017 period.

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Mountain bike trail upgrade at Mount Montgomery (Dial Range)

A plan to upgrade the Penguin Mountain Bike Park has secured the backing of Central Coast Council.

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Launceston Trails Update

Launceston Mountain Bike Club has provided the following useful summary of updates about what's happening with the trails in and around Launceston in their September 2017 Newsletter.

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New cycle passing laws - Distance makes the difference

New passing laws in Tasmania mean motorists must be at least one metre from a cyclist when passing on roads with a speed limit of up to 60 km/h, and one-and-a-half metres on roads over 60 km/h.

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Tasmania's Cycle Tourism Strategy and funding released

The Tasmanian Government has released it's Tasmanian Cycle Tourism Strategy to guide the development of Tasmania’s cycling tracks and trails, grow and promote experiences and events, and improve safety for all cyclists.

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Exciting times for Maydena Bike Park

The Minister for Environment and Parks, Matthew Groom, announced that Dirt Art will be beginning construction of the Maydena Bike Park this week.  The full media release is below.

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Pillinger Drive Track to remain shared use

After an 18 month trial, the Wellington Park Management Trust has resolved to keep the Pillinger Drive Track between Fern Tree Park and Pillinger Drive as shared use for cycling and walking.

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Illegal Track Rehabilitation near Glenorchy MTB Park

Some illegally cut/built MTB tracks that run off the Water Fire Trail in Wellington Park for a distance north of approximately 300 metres, finishing in Tolosa Park will shortly be closed off/rehabilitated.

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Tasmania's Bike Friendly Business Accreditation Program

The TICT have launched Australia's first Bike Friendly Business community in partnership with the Tasmanian Government, the Tasmanian cycling community, and Tourism Northern Tasmania.

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2017 National Cycling Participation Survey (Tasmania)

The 2017 National Cycle Participation Survey has been released, with the Tasmanian report finding that 16% (95% CI: 13.8% - 18.3%) of Tasmanian residents ride a bicycle in a typical week. More than one third (34.9%, 95% CI: 32.3% - 37.4%) had done so in the past year. 

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Blue Derby Pods Now Open

The Blue Derby Pods are now open, offering a three-day, two-night guided ride with a unique accommodation – custom-made ‘pods’ that have been designed to give the occupier the feeling of being suspended just above the ground.

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