kunanyi/Mt Wellington Lower Slopes Tracks/ Trails Survey

The City of Hobart is developing a mountain bike network plan to improve riding experiences on the the lower slopes of kunanyi / Mt Wellington and is seeking input from users up until 31 August 2019.

This survey asks you to identify the recreaitonal activity you most strongly identify with on the mountain - as a mountain bike rider, walker or runner - and will then take you through a series of questions that will:

  • help inform the development of our mountain bike network plan;
  • improve mountain biking experiences on our track network;
  • take into consideration the experiences of other users.

June 2019 Update

448 people responded to the City of Hobart's recent mountain bike surveys.

Council has contracted Dirt Art to develop a plan that will guide the City of Hobart in improving the mountain bike network in the lower foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Dirt Art’s work will identify and cater for the needs of local and visiting mountain bike riders. We’re looking at improving areas between Fern Tree and the boundary with Glenorchy City Council, as well as the North-South Track down to key linkages between South Hobart, Knocklofty Reserve and Lenah Valley.

The Council wants to build a track network that is sustainable and easily accessible from suburbs like Fern Tree, South Hobart, Mount Stewart and Lenah Valley, is connected and easy to navigate, provides opportunities for riders of all skills and abilities, and showcases Hobart’s unique natural environment.

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