West Coast Mountain Bike Trails - 2019 Federal Election Funding Promises

Things are looking good for mountain biking on the West Coast with the Liberal National's Senator, Steve Martin, promising $2.5 million to fund the west coast's entire mountain biking strategy and Labor's Justine Keay announcing a $1.2 million funding commitment to develop the Mount Owen trails.

​The $1.2 million commitment appears to be to fund the Mt Owen gravity trails above Queenstown, with the wider commitment to also fund improvements around Mt Heemskirk, the Sterling Valley and Montezuma Falls.

I was out this way over Easter and got to see the new (but not yet open) trail work being done just outside of Zeehan to create what looks like it will be a great Spray Tunnel loop.

While the West Coast can be rugged and wet riding, it does offer something that is unique and just keeps me going back, so here's to ideas that get enough trails in place to make this a great destination.​

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Monday, 15 July 2024