West Coast (Mt Owen) Trails to open July 23 2021

The first four trails: North Owen Descent, The Long Spur, Chamouni Traverse and Summit Loop on Mt Owen will open to the public on Friday July 23.

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Lake Pedder Paddle (5-6 April 2021)

I've wanted to explore Lake Pedder by kayak for a long, long time now, even before I saw some of the magnificent photos taken by Geoff Murray of camping by the lake shore.

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New Kingborough Bicycle Users Group

A new Bicycle Users Group is forming in the Kingborough municipality to advocate for better cycling conditions, to establish a community of riders and to promote bike riding for both transport and recreation.

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Mountain Biking Business Forum - West Coast

The West Coast Council is hosting a business forum on Thursday 24 June, 2021 to help inform local businesses about the opportunities coming up from the construction of new mountain bike trails in the region.

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Wild Mersey Bridge (number 4) underway ...

A new 100 metre suspension bridge will soon span the Mersey River connecting Latrobe's Warrawee forest reserve with Railton and ultimately Sheffield.

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Lekker E-Amsterdam Review - One Year On.

My first crisis of faith came a few months into owning my Lekker E-Amsterdam.

My brand new Lekker E-Amsterdam Bike (above) and my Lekker as customsied one year on (below)

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Talking Trails and Trackcare (Hobart)

The annual City of Hobart Trackcare gathering is on again and this year they'll be chin-wagging all things mountain bike tracks at the Cascade Brewery on Thursday 22 April, 6-7.30pm.

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Blue Derby Income

An interesting insight from the March 2021 Dorset Council meeting minutes indicating that the Council received a total of $190,000 in revenue from the Blue Derby bike trails in the 2019-20 financial year.

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Cradle Coast MTB Club February 2021 Updates

The latest newsletter from the Cradle Coast Mountain bike club has some great updates on the new Burnie pump track, dial range and the new trails on the west coast.  Worth a read.

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Glenorchy BMX Track goes to tender

The Glenorchy City Council has announced tenders are open for a contractor to design and construct a $750,000 facility at Tolosa Park, according to the Mercury Newspaper (15 February 2021),

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North East Railway - Planning Application

The long running saga of converting the section of railway between Lilydale Falls and Scottsdale into a rail trail has taken another step forward with the approval of a development application provided to the Dorset Council for the section between Wyena on the Launceston/Dorset municipal boundary and Scottsdale at their meeting on 15 February 2021.

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Hobart Council Endorses Riding the Mountain!

The Hobart City Council endorsed the proposed "Riding the Mountain - A Plan for Improved Mountain Bike Riding in The Foothills of kunanyi / Mount Wellington" on 26 October 2020.

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Tenders open to build Mountain Bike (MTB) Trails on Mt Owen in Queenstown

West Coast Council has launched a tender process calling for proposals to construct approximately 35 kms of MTB trails on spectacular Mt Owen in Queenstown.

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Maydena to host National Mountain Bike Championships

Tasmania’s Maydena Bike Park has been chosen as the host of the National Mountain Bike Championships for both 2021 and 2022.

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Proposed kunanyi / Mount Wellington Mountain Bike Network Plan - Engagement Report

The City of Hobart have completed their consultation process on Riding the Mountain: Proposed Mountain Bike Network Plan for the kunanyi Mt Wellington trail network.

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Draft kunanyi / Mt Wellington Mountain Bike Network Proposal 2020

The City of Hobart has just released its draft plan for an expanded mountain bike track network on kunanyi / Mount Wellington and they want to hear what you think via their Your Say Hobart website!

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Tasmanian Mountain Biking and Cycling Tourists 2019

It's been a while since I last looked at what has been happening with mountain biking tourism numbers in Tasmania.  This is largely because I convinced myself back in 2016 that the numbers collected and published through the Tasmanian Visitor Survey were a very poor resource for capturing those who actually travelled to Tasmania with mountain biking, or even cycling, as a key driver in their decision to come here.

Just to be clear, this isn't a critiscm of that survey, but a reflecton that you don't find out who has travelled to Tasmania to go mountain biking by asking a small sample of those people who came to Tasmania to tick a box indicating whether they undertook any mountain biking or cycling when they were in the State.  That just captures too broad a group of people.

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Kentish Council awards Wild Mersey final stage to South Australian company Trailscapes

The final stage of the Wild Mersey mountain bike track network will be built by South Australian trail building company Trailscapes.

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Trail Closures and Event Cancellations - COVID-19

Pretty much all mountain bike trails in Tasmania have now been closed, and events cancelled due to COVID-19.

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West Coast MTB Project - Mt Owen Proposal

The West Coast Council has released a draft Trail design for the Mt Owen MTB network for public comment.

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