Lower Pipeline Track (Fern Tree - Gentle Annie Falls) MTB Access Trial

The Hobart City Council is undertaking a one year trial of bicycle use along the lower section of the Pipeline Track between Fern Tree and Gentle Annie Falls.

This trial has started and will finish on Friday 2nd May 2014.

The trial is being monitored, and subsequent evaluation of the trial will inform a final decision on whether bicycle use will be permitted on a permanent basis.

Cyclists are asked to note:
  • Bicycles remain prohibited on the Pipeline Track below Gentle Annie Falls – cyclists wishing to ride between the Waterworks Reserve and the Pipeline Track are to do so via the R18 Fire Trail (which joins the Pipeline Track at McDermotts Saddle, and enters the Waterworks Reserve via the bitumen service road adjacent Council's works store).
  • Riding down the stairs immediately below Fern Tree is prohibited, and cyclists are required to dismount on this section of the Track.
  • Cyclists should avoid riding on the sandstone capping within the Track in order to minimise the risk of damaging these heritage features.
This route is a key link for mountain biking providing, in my opinion, one of the best options for riding up onto the mountain from the CBD (when linked with the Hobart Rivulet Track and the Romilly Street to Waterworks Track).

As with all shared use tracks within the Hobart City Council area, Cyclists should adhere to the bike rider's code of conduct:
  • Respect other track users (Alert other track users to your presence. Slow to their speed when passing. Slow down for corners and blind spots.)
  • Stay on designated bike riding tracks (Ride only on approved tracks. Do no create new tracks or short cuts.)
  • Minimise your impact on the environment (Avoid muddy tracks. Do not skid.)
  • Be a safe rider (Wear a helmet. Know your ability and keep your bike under control.)
Source: Adapted from Hobart City Council Flyer
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